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How do you find the right creative team for you?

How do you find the right creative team for you?

Expert, Specialist, Consultant, Freelancer, Guru or Agency – How do you know where to start?

Buying creative and marketing services can be daunting and seem to be a complicated process but it doesn’t have to be.

Whether you are working with an individual or an agency, your project needs to be a success and align with your business plan.

7 pointers to consider before you start your search and help you get started on your road to finding the right creative team to deliver your project:

1. Work out your goals and what out comes your want from your project.

2. Consider your timeline / project plan - your milestones and deadlines. You don’t need a comprehensive plan - good creative teams will help you create a detailed plan.

3. Define your budget - the creative team will ensure you get value for money.

4. Scope of the project – agree what deliverables should be included.

5. Define roles and responsibilities – who will manage your project and be the point of contact for the creative team.

6. Ask around for recommendations, look at previous work and case studies.

7. Introduction meeting, before you send your brief, set-up a meeting - it’s an opportunity for you meet the people who will be working with you, discuss your goals and answer any questions they might have. You will know after a face to face meeting whether you want to progress to the next stage and discuss the brief.